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Publications and Conference Proceedings

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Welcome to the publications and conference proceedings page. This provides a list of my publications and conference submissions/proceedings.

Peer-reviewed publications

M. J. Newton, L. Bailly, X. Pelorson, D. M. Campbell. The ventricular bands and phonation: Particle image velocimetry applied to a self-oscillating in vitro model. In submission, 2010.
A. Braden, M. J. Newton and D. M. Campbell. Trombone bore optimization based on input impedance targets. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 125(4), pp. 2404-2412, 2009.
M. J. Newton, D. M. Campbell, and J. Gilbert. Mechanical response measurements of real and artificial brass player's lips. J. Acous. Soc. Am. 123(1), pp. EL14-EL20, 2008.

Conference submissions

M. J. Newton, J. Gilbert and D. Campbell. Mechanical Response Studies of Real and Artificial Brass Player's Lips. ISMA 2007, Barcelona, 2007.
M. J. Newton and R. Macdonald. Applications of particle image velocimetry to musical acoustics research. Scottish Fluid Mechanics Conference, St Andrews, 2007
M. J. Newton and D. M. Campbell. An experimental study of the airflow through an in vitro model of self-oscillating vocal folds using particle image velocimetry. In Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, Southampton, UK, 2006.

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