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Computing Science and Mathematics

Dr Michael Newton's Homepage

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Welcome to my academic webpage. This provides an overview of the research work I've been involved with over the past few years. For a list of publications/conferences click here.

Current work

As of March 2010 (until 2014) I am a Research Assistant at the University of Stirling's Department of Computing Science and Mathematics. My research work is focussed on the development of a MEMS/CMOS Multichannel Adaptive Microphone. Broadly speaking this work is in the category of "biologically-inspired technology". We hope to use research into the amazing success of the human hearing system to inform novel microphone technology.

This work is a collaborative project between the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems at the University of Edinburgh and the Department of Computing Science and Mathematics at Stirling.

A brief (legacy) summary of the project is provided here.

The new collaboration webpage is here.

Background/Previous work

From 2001 - 2004 I studied at the University of Edinburgh for a BSc in Physics. My honours year courses included acoustics, quantum physics, condensed matter physics and atmospheric physics. I also did 2 honours year projects in the fields of fluid mechanics and acoustics.

From 2004-2008 I worked in the Acoustics & Fluids group at the School of Physics, University of Edinburgh, studying towards a PhD in Physics (graduated in June 2009). The title of the PhD is "Experimental Mechanical and Fluid Mechanical Investigations of the Brass Instrument Lip-reed and the Human Vocal Folds". It can be downloaded by clicking here (beware that it is 325 pages long and a 7meg at your peril!). More relevant perhaps is the abstract, readable here. Put very briefly, the interesting (at least I think so...) bits of the thesis are:

Throughout 2009 I worked part-time as a visiting researcher in the same group. My old webpage there is still visible, click here.

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