Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2004
29 August - 1 September 2004, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

BICS2004: Poster Session

P1 CNS6.1 Prof John Taylor A Mathematical Framework for the Global Brain
P4 BIS8.1 Dr Eduardo Ros Vidal, Sonia Mota, Javier Díaz Neural multilayer structure for motion pattern segmentation
P5 BIS8.2 Dr Toshinori Deguchi, Naohiro Ishii On Refractoriness of Chaotic Neurons in Incremental Learning
P6 BIS8.3 Mr Nicolas Pugeault, Florentin Woegoetter, Norbert Krueger Grouping Over Stereo for Visual Cues Disambiguation
P7 BIS8.4 Mr Matthew Hartley, Neill Taylor and Prof John Taylor Modelling STDP: sequence learning and recall
P8 BIS8.5 Ms Milana Mileusnic, Gerald E. Loeb How your brain knows where your hand is
P9 BIS8.6 Dr. V. Tereshko Development of retinotopy and ocular dominance by soft topology-preserving maps and elastic nets: Deriving one class of the models from another
P10 NC6.1 Dr. A Hussain A new approach to Adaptive Multi-band Speech Enhancement using Neural Networks and post-Weiner Filtering
P11NC6.2 Mr Mohamad Omar-Khaidzir, M.O. Tokhi Application of ear-brain analogy for sound spectral response characterisation in non-destructive material evaluation
P12 NC6.3 Mr Ahsan Abdullah, Dr A. Hussain Analysis of Unsupervised Clustering by Crossing Minimization
P13 NC6.4 Mr Ahsan Abdullah, Dr A. Hussain A new biclustering technique based on Crossing Minimization

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