BICS 2004: Local Arrangements

Updated 18 8 2004: more information about where to go.

Updated 20 8 2004: Contact telephone numbers added.


In addition to the main conference, we also have a workshop: Information coding in early sensory stages.


There must be at least one registered attendee (paying the full fee) for each paper to be presented.


The registration desk will be in room 2X1, of the Cottrell Building (see next paragraph for where that is). It will be open at least at the following times:
Sunday 29 August: 1300-1530, 1700-1900
Monday 30 August: 0800-0900, lunchtime
Tuesday 31 August: 0830-0900, lunchtime

Getting Here

The meeting is being hosted at the University of Stirling, in the city of Stirling.

For information on getting here, see this page (part of the University's website).

Here are further details of how to get here from the nearby airports and train stations, and on where the meeting actually is. The meeting is being held in the Cottrell Building, one of the main teaching buildings on campus. Accommodation on campus is available for delegates (It is in Andrew Stewart Hall (which is manned 24 hours/day): see the local directions). But if you'd rather stay in a hotel, try looking at the local tourist offices who offer a booking facility. Stirling city centre is about 4Km from the University.


Here is a link to the programme. Always subject to change...but hopefully reasonably stable by now.

Contact Phone Numbers

If (in emergency) you need to contact the conference, phone the Department of Computing Science and Mathematics Office:
+44 1786 467421
Delegates are staying at the Andrew Stewart Hall (unless they made their own arrangements): the porter's desk at this Hall has the phone number
+44 1786 466960
Invited speakers are staying at the Stirling Management Centre
+44 1786 451712

Other odd notes

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