Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2004
29 August - 1 September 2004, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

BICS2004: Neural Computation - Contributed Papers and Posters

Session NC1: Computational Neural Network Models: 1

10:10 Ms J. Boulahia Smirani A New Technique for Neural Network Explanation
10:35 Mr Tamir Clustering Human Associations
11:00 tea/coffee
11:20 Mr Kazunori Iwata, Kazushi Ikeda, Prof Hideaki Sakai Stochastic Complexity of Reinforcement Learning
11:45 Mr Ramin Pichevar, Prof Jean Rouat Oscillatory Dynamic Link Matching for Invariant Pattern Recognition
12:10 Discussion

Session NC2: Computational Neural Network Models: 2

30 Aug 2004, 13:45-15:50
13:45 Mr Omari Abdallah Development of a New Neuronal Network Technology
14:10 Dr Ryotaro Kamimura Supervised Information-Theoretic Competitive Learning by cost-sensitive information maximization
14:35 Dr Kazushi Ikeda, Tsutomu Aoishi Effects of Soft Margins on Learning Curves of Support Vector Machines
15:00 Prof G. N. Marichal, J. Toledo, L. Acosta, L. Moreno A neuro-fuzzy architecture for improving the performance of a classical controller
15:25 Mr. A. Zayed, Dr A. Hussain A New Non-linear Multi-variable Multiple-Controller incorporating a Neural Network Learning Sub-Model

Session NC4: Software and Hardware Implementations

31 Aug 2004, 13:45-15:00
13:45 Dr Victoria Hodge, Dr. Simon O’Keefe, Prof. Jim Austin A Binary Neural Decision Table Classifier
14:10 Dr Il Song Han Mixed-signal neuron-synapse implementation for large scale neural network
14:35 Mr Stefan Philipp, Johannes Fieres, Andreas Gruebl, Prof Karlheinz Meier, Johannes Schemmel, Felix Schuermann A Platform for Parallel Operation of VLSI Neural Networks

Session NC5: Neural Network Applications

1 Sept 2004, 11:20-13:00
11:20 Mr Ricardo Malheiro, Rui Pedro Paiva, António José Mendes, Teresa Mendes, Amílcar Cardoso Classification of recorded classical music: a methodology and a comparative study
11:45 Prof Kunihiko Fukushima, Masayuki Kikuchi Symmetry Axis Extraction by a Neural Network
12:10 Mr Venkata Ramanan, N.V.Kalpakam, J.S.Sahambi A Novel Technique for Detection and De-noising of Ocular Artefacts in Normal and Epileptic Electroencephalogram
12:35 Ms.Ir. Maryam Miradi Application of artificial neural network in prediction of porous asphalt durability

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