Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2004
29 August - 1 September 2004, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

BICS2004: Cognitive Neuroscience - Contributed Papers

Session CNS1: Attention and Emotion

30 Aug 2004, 10:10-12:45
10:10 Prof Roman Borisyuk, Yakov Kaznovich, Synchronisation-based computational model of attention-guided object selection and novelty detection
10:35 Prof John Taylor, Nickolaos Fragopanagos Modelling the Interaction of Attention and Emotion
11:00 tea/coffee
11:20 Mr L. Andrew Coward The Recommendation Architecture Model for Human Cognition
11:55 Discussion

Session CNS2: Representation and Modelling

30 Aug 2004, 13:45-15:30
13:45 Dr Carmen M. Bretones Callejas Embodied Construction Grammar Approach to Compostitionality and Conceptual Representation
14:10 NR Taylor, M Hartley, JG Taylor The Learning of Insertions by the Cerebellum
14:35 Dr YingLiang Ma, Helena Paterson, Alexander Dolia, Sung-Bae Cho, Ales Ude, Frank Pollick Towards a biologically-inspired representation of human affect
15:00 Dr Simon Levy Neuro-fractal composition of meaning: toward a collage theorem for language

Session CNS3: Controversies in CNS

31 Aug 2004 10:00-11:00
10:00 Dr Mark Bishop Mechanical Bodies: Mythical Minds
10:25 Mr Rabinder Lee Demonstrating Volition and Affective Decision Making in Brain-Inspired Neural Models
10:50 Discussion

Session CNS4: Agent Consciousness

31 Aug 2004, 13:45-15:00
13:45 Mr Ivan Moura, Pierre Bonzon A Computational Framework for Implementing Agent Consciousness
14:10 Mr Hugo Marques, Eugénio Oliveira Stereoscopic depth: a biological inspired judgement
14:35 Dr Stefano Piva, Luca Marchesotti, Carlo Bonamico, Carlo Regazzoni Context based message selection strategies in a biologically inspired ambient intelligence system

Session CNS5: Neurological Analysis

1 Sept 2004, 11:20-12:45
11:20 Mr Thang Hoang, Wael El-Deredy, Paulo J. G. Lisboa, Francis McGlone Inter-trial phase synchronisation in the ERP Delta band accounts for differences in oddball P300
11:45 Mr Thang Hoang, Wael El-Deredy, Deborah E. Bentley, Anthony K.P. Jones, Paulo J. Lisboa, Francis McGlone Dipole source localisation using independent components analysis: single trial localisation of laser evoked pain
12:10 Mr Martin Böhme, Christopher Krause, Dr.-Ing. Erhardt Barth, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Martinetz Eye Movement Predictions Enhanced by Saccade Detection
12:35 Discussion

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