Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2004
29 August - 1 September 2004, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

BICS2004: Biologically Inspired Systems - Contributed Papers

Session BIS1: Audition and Robotics

30 Aug 2004, 10:10-12:50
10:10 Prof Gerald Langner Temporal processing in the auditory system
10:30 Prof Leslie Smith, Dagmar Fraser Onsets: an element of ecological sound interpretation
10:50 Tea/Coffee
11:10 Ms Natasha Chia, Dr Steve Collins Biologically inspired binaural analogue signal processing
11:30 Dr Steve Potter, Thomas B. DeMarse, Douglas J. Bakkum, Mark C. Booth, John R. Brumfield, Zenas Chao, Radhika Madhavan, Peter A. Passaro, Komal Rambani, Alexander C. Shkolnik, R. Blythe Towal, Daniel A. Wagenaar HYBROTS: hybrids of living neurons and robots for studying neural computation
11:50 Dr Emilia Barakova Familiarity gated learning for inferential use of episodic memories in novel situations - a robot simulation
12:10 Mr Anthony Meehan, Mr. Jason Garforth, Dr. Sue McHale Executive Attention and Action Selection in a Neurally Controlled Simulated Robot
12:30 Ms Yi Chen, Prof Juyang Weng A Case Study of Developmental Robotics in Understanding "Object Permanence"

Session BIS2: Vision1: Neuromorphic Approaches

30 Aug 2004, 13:45-15:45
13:45 Dr Jordi Madrenas, Jordi Cosp, Oscar Lucas, Eduard Alarcón, Eva Vidal, Gerard Villar Architecture and Basic Blocks of a Neuromorphic Analogue VLSI Vision System
14:10 Ms Chiara Bartolozzi, Giacomo Indiveri A neuromorphic selective attention architecture with dynamic synapses and integrate-and-fire neurons
14:35 Mr Kimihiro Nishio, Hiroo Yonezu, Yuzo Furukawa Analog two-dimensional network for motion detection
15:00 Mr Kazuhiro Shimonomura, Tetsuya Yagi An orientation selective multi-chip aVLSI system for parallel image processing
15:20 Dr Margarita Kuzmina, Eduard Manykin Biologically motivated oscillatory network model for dynamical image segmentation

Session BIS3: Vision 2

31 Aug 2004, 10:00-11:00
10:00 Claudio Castellanos Sánchez, Bernard Girau, Frédéric Alexandre A connectionist approach for visual perception of motion
10:20 Mr Sinan Kalkan, Dirk Calow, Michael Felsberg, Florentin Worgotter, Markus Lappe, Norbert Krueger Optic Flow Statistics and Intrinsic Dimensionality
10:40 Mr Shu-Fai Wong, Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong Neurally Inspired Object Tracking System

Session BIS4: Vision 3

31 Aug 2004, 13:45-14:45
13:45 Dr Zhijun Yang, Alan F. Murray, Vision Coincidence Detection with STDP Adaptation for Object Recognition and Depth Analysis
14:05 Mr Venkateswaran Nagarajan, R Chidambareswaran, B. Harish A novel perspective into the neuronal encoding along the retinal pathway employing time-frequency transformation: part 1 — for object
14:25 Mr Venkateswaran Nagarajan, B. Harish, R Chidambareswaran A novel perspective into the neuronal encoding along the retinal pathway employing time-frequency transformation: part 2 — for color

Session BIS5: Neural Modelling

1 Sept 2004, 11:20-13:00
11:20 Mr Gregor Kiddie, Dr Arjen van Ooyen, Dr Bruce Graham Biologically Plausible Model of Growing Neurites
11:40 Dr Stéphane Binczak, M. S. Jacquir, Prof. J.M. Bilbault, V.B. Kazantsev and V.I. Nekorkin Unilateral coupling between two MFHN electronic neurons
12:00 Dr Laura Bonzano, Marco Bove, Prof. Sergio Martinoia Effects of NMDA and non-NMDA receptors antagonists on the behavior of cultured cortical networks
12:20 Mr Eilif Mueller, Prof Karlheinz Meier, Dr Johannes Schemmel Methods for Simulating High-Conductance States in Neural Microcircuits
12:40 Dr Valery Tereshko, Alexander N. Pisarchik Controlling the cortex state transitions by altering the oscillation energy

Session BIS6: Neuromorphic and spiking networks: BSS

1 Sept 2004, 13:45-15:30
13:45 Mr Qingxiang Wu, T. M McGinnity, LP Maguire, B Glackin and A Belatreche Supervised Training of Spiking Neural Networks with Weight Limitation Constraints
14:05 Ms Sunny Bains Extending neuromorphic engineering beyond electronics
14:25 Dr Tim Pearce, Thomas J. Koickalb, Carlo Fulvi-Maria, James A. Covington, Forest S. Tan, Julian W. Gardner, Alister Hamilton Silicon-based neuromorphic olfactory pathway implementation
14:45 Dr Derek Linkens, Ching-Hua Ting, Wei-Hao Wu, A Angel Optimising the connectivity coefficients in the somatosensory pathway using Genetic Algorithms
15:05 Dr Motoaki Kawanabe New algorithms for blind separation when sources have spatial variance dependencies

Session BIS7: Novel approaches

1 Sept 2004, 15:50-17:10
15:50 Mr Philip Zeman, N. J. Livingston, W. H. Hook and P. F. Driessen Creation of a custom basis for detection of a neural physiological event in EEG
16:10 Dr Gerd Heinz Interference Networks - a Physical, Structural and Behavioural Approach to Nerve System
16:30 Prof Naohiro Ishii, Dr.Toshinori Deguchi, Prof. Hiroshi Sasaki Biological Asymmetric and Parallel-Symmetric Neural Networks with Nonlinear Functions
16:50 Mr Venkateswaran Nagarajan, R Rajesh Partitioned Parallel Processing Approach for Predicting Multi-Million Neuron Interconnectivity in the Brain : Involving Soma-Axon-Dendrites-Synapse

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