31Y7 Honours Options: Biologically Inspired Computing. References

Here are some references for this course:

Principles of Neural Science, edited by Eric Kandel, James Schwartz and Thomas Jessell, 1991. Library reference: XK 4.8 KAN

Neurbiology, Gordon Shepherd, 1988. Library reference: XK 4.8 SHE

Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology, Valentino Braitenberg, MIT Press/Bradford Books, 1984. Library reference: SC26 BRA, on overnight loan only.

The Computer and the Brain, John von Neumann, Yale University Press, 1958. Library reference SC26 VON.

Fundamentals of Neural Networks, Laurene Fausett, Prentice Hall International, 1994, Library Reference SC 26.4 FAU

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