Magic Mirror

The magic mirror is real time exhibit that uses a camera and a screen to produce the effect of a mirror with some pretty strange behaviour.

The magic mirror does not like to behave itself. It expects the viewer to make an effort, to work if they want to see themselves reflected in it. Stand still for a moment and your reflection starts to vanish. Move and it re-appears. As soon as a part of you stops moving, it starts to vanish. Can you keep just your head visible, or just your hands? The mirror has a memory too; sometimes it will show somebody else’s reflection instead of your own. Sometimes its surface distorts, sending your reflection spiralling around as you move across from side to side.

When the new Perth Concert Hall was opened in 2005, the magic mirror was installed as an attraction in the main foyer.

It can currently be seen working in the Camera Obscura museum on Edinburgh's Royal mile and at Sensation, Dundee's science museum.

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We have also used the magic mirror for demonstrations and presentations, and it never fails to attract a crowd. To use the magic mirror at a trade fair, exhibition or retail display, just contact us.


Perth Concert Hall

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Camera Obscura

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