Most of my work concerns data. Collecting it, analysing it, forecasting it and selling it. The links below provide more detail.

Here is my University of Stirling staff page.

  • Linux Data Acquisition Devices - USB plug and play high speed data acquisition and control under Linux. We've sold over 250 of these now, with customers all over the world.
  • My Book - Applying Neural Networks. Its a little old now (1996), but it provides a useful introduction to the use of neural networks in commercial settings.
  • Statistics Understanding Made Simple - A collaboration with Glasgow University, SUMS is an online resource that generates interactive statistics tutorials based around data provided by the tutor.
  • Lectures - These are the courses that I lecture on at Stirling University
  • Data Mining Software - I am working with Think Analytics, helping them to add time series forecasting techniques to their Enterprise Data Miner software.
  • Data Analytics for Marketing - I run a marketing analytics consultancy using state of the art technology to improve the targeting of direct marketing. A lot of my work is for the Edinburgh based company, Data Discoveries


  • My Band - Sadly now disbanded, but I've left some pictures and our original songs up for old times sake.
  • Travel - I've organised some of my travel photography (sounds so much better than holiday snaps, eh?) on a clickable map. You need a quite fast connection for it to work properly though.
  • Wind surfing - Some mates and I windsurf at Loch Venachar for as much of the year as we can. In the summer, we try to get up to Tiree, which is a cross between the Caribbean and the Arctic.
  • The Magic Mirror is more play than work. It has been shown at the Perth Concert Hall and is now on display at the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. Freaky!
  • Here is a little card trick to try. Does the computer read your mind? The idea is not mine, but I built it as a demo of using Flash for a multi-media course I teach.

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