Information Club Membership

Email enquiries can be sent to the membership secretary: .

Membership forms can be requested by post from the membership secretary. They are also available online in Microsoft Word form (Membership Application, Duties Form) and in PDF form (Membership Application, Duties Form). See also the notes on membership.

In applying for membership, club members are deemed to have accepted the club rules. These include policies on matters such as data protection and abandoned equipment that support the appropriate and safe running of the club.

Most club members belong as full (sailing) members. Other classes of member are entitled to a reduced membership fee. The fees from 1st February are as follows. Note that adults joining as new full members in 2018 will be offered a reduced fee of £45.

Fee Type Fee
Full Member (18 and over) £75
Country/Social Member/Steamboat Associate £30
Junior Member (12 to 17) £10
Cadet Member (under 12) Free
Boat £45
Canoe/Sailboard on site £20
in shed £25
Visitors (sailing/canoeing) adult per day £3
child per day £2
Launching (casual guests
by prior agreement
per day £6
per week £25

Club membership is good value for money. Membership fees are attractive for families as younger children join free (or pay only a small amount), and a non-sailing partner can join at a reduced rate.

It is not necessary to own a boat in order to join the club. The club has non-sailing members who participate in social activities. It may also be possible to crew for other members.