FORCES Project Consortium

Project Management Committee

The project is managed by a committee of UK organisations:

University of Stirling - Coordinator
      Service Engineering Research
      Hybrid Feature Interaction Group
      Ken Turner
      Evan Magill

British Telecommunications PLC
      Company Profile
      Robert Booth

CITEL Technologies Ltd.
      Company Profile

Dependable Systems Associates Ltd.
      Company Profile
      Peter Carr

Ericsson UK Ltd.
      Company Profile
      Colin Grealish

Marconi Communications
      Company Profile
      John Evans

University of Glasgow
      Research Activities
      Hybrid Feature Interaction Group
      Muffy Calder

University of Kent
      Research Activities
      John Derrick

University of Lancaster
      Research Activities
      Gordon Blair

Affiliate Project Members

Membership of the consortium is free of charge, and is open to other UK telecommunications companies, Universities and research centres. Affiliation is subject to approval by the project management committee, but will normally be granted to organisations who are undertaking relevant research or development.

Bell College
      College Profile
      David Rodgers

University of Birmingham
      Research Activities
      Mark Ryan

City University
      Research Activities
      Bernie Cohen

University of Nottingham
      Research Activities
      Steve Benford

Telcordia Personal Member
      David Marples

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Last Update: 15th July 2006