Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems
17th-19th May 2000, Glasgow

Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems is a regular international workshop being organised this year by two FORCES members (although FORCES is not officially involved). FORCES is sponsoring places for four research students to attend this workshop.

(UK) research students connected with FORCES members or who are carrying out directly related research may apply for sponsorship up to a maximum of £250 per student. The sponsorship will pay the workshop fee on behalf of the student. Reasonable travel and subsistence expenses may be claimed against the balance of the sponsorship.

Applications for sponsorship should be directed to the FORCES project coordinator. The student's supervisor should supply address details and a one-paragraph description of how the student's research area relates to the topic of FORCES. Applications can be accepted up to 26th April, but will be considered on a first-come first-served basis. Beyond that date, please contact Prof. Muffy Calder to enquire about availability.

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