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Searching needs a browser with forms support. Search expressions may be:

networklook for given term
NETWORKsame as above - case does not matter
( ... )group keyword expressions
network*look for terms starting "network" (e.g. networked)
network architecturelook for documents with both terms
network and architecturesame as above - and is assumed
network or architecturelook for documents with either or both terms
not networkignore documents with this term

Expressions normally are evaluated left-to-right, i.e. there is no precedence among the operators. If necessary use parentheses to group parts of a search expression. An example of a complex search might be:

(architecture or network*) and not layer

You can choose the maximum number of results to be returned by a search. These are listed in decreasing order of relevance. Note that you may not be able to access some of the documents that are listed by the search. Some documents are available only within Stirling, or are restricted because they are under development. Words of one or two letters (e.g. IP) are not indexed.

As an alternative to searching, you can see the hierarchical structure of these web pages and select a page directly.

These pages are indexed by SWISH and are searched by WWWWAIS - both by Kevin Hughes (but apparently no longer maintained).

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Last Update: 17th July 2006