BSc Honours Dissertation

Project Background

The objective of this honours dissertation project was to investigate, through both theoretical and experimental research, the inner mechanics of the nature-insired metaheuristic search method Genetic Algorithms (GA) via the domain of artificial camouflage optimization (an instance of a combinatorial optimization problem).

My supervisor on this project was Dr David E. Cairns, at one time the only Evolutionary Computation expert within the University of Stirling, has been publishing in this field for the last {insert years} years and has consequently made many contributions to the current state of the art of Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming to name only a couple.

Dissertation Document

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Evolved Images

The following images were generated using the genetic algorithm produced for the project. They are organised acording to project phase; 'Prototype Phase' images were initial results from a half semesters work and 'Fine Tuning Phase' were images taken from the second semesters work during optimization of the algorithm parameters.

Rectangle Camo (No GA)
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rect camo evolved

Rectangle Camouflage: No Evolution

rect camo evolved

Rectangle Camo (Evolved)
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rect camo evolved

Portfolio item 3
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Portfolio item 4
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Algorithm Run Videos