Current projects

EPSRC Post-doctoral Research Project: Cognitive Control of Autonomous Systems  Cognitive Signal Image Processing Research (COSIPRA) Laboratory Department of Computing Science, search in & Maths, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK The Cognitive Signal Image Processing Research (COSIPRA) Laboratory of Dr. Amir Hussain at the University of Stirling undertook the EPSRC project "Dual Process Control Models in the Brain and Machines with Application to Autonomous Vehicle Control". The general aim of this multi-disciplinary project is to exploit a range of similarities between systems in control engineering and the animal brain, focusing specifically on the concepts of automatised and controlled (or executive) processing and how they might map onto modular Autonomous Vehicle Control (AVC) solutions. Given the inherent similarities between the two problem domains of AVC and action selection in animals, this ambitious project aims to leverage new results from psychology and neurobiology discovered in the laboratory of the project Co-Investigator (Prof Kevin Gurney at The University of Sheffield) and apply them to the AVC controllers under development in Dr Hussain's Lab at Stirling. The outcome should be a new generation real-time cognitive AVC controller, more directly inspired by the biological ideas.


Royal Society of Edinburgh and Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China) funded Collaborative (Staff and PhD-Exchange) Project: Next generation emotion-sensitive document analysis and semantic web mining techniques and applications - joint with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China), and part of the Scottish government funded China-Scotland Signal Image Processing Research Academy (SIPRA) (2010-11)

ESF/EU funded (under FP7) European Research Network (COST2102): Cross Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-verbal Communications (2008-10)

EPSRC and Sitekit Solutions Ltd. funded Industrial PhD project (Erik Cambria): Common sense computing (statistical signal processing and machine learning) techniques for semantic web mining and intelligent web applications - joint with MIT Media Lab (2009-13)

EPSRC and Sitekit Solutions Ltd. funded Industrial PhD project (Kamran Farooq): Novel intelligent clinical decision support systems for cardiovascular preventative care - joint with Harvard Medical School and MIT Media Lab (2010-2014)

BBSRC Immunology Imaging and Modeling (I2M) Research Network co-funded PhD project (Thomas Mazocco): Artificial Immune Systems and Computational Intelligence Based Decision Support Systems for e-Healthcare applications (2009-12), funded by the University of Stirling (Computing Science Dept)

National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) co-funded PhD project (Hicham Atassi): Advanced Symptom Management System for Radiotherapy (ASyMS-R) (2009-10)

Malaysian Government funded PhD project (Rozniza Ali): "Intelligent signal image processing for aquatic applications" – in collaboration with the Stirling Institute of Aquaculture (2009-13)

COMSATS Institute of IT funded PhD project (M. Niazi): "A novel agent-based modeling framework self-organizing complex adaptive systems" (2008-11)

University of Stirling (Computing Science Dept) funded PhD project (A. Abel): "Multi-modal audio-video signal processing for real-time speech enhancement" (2007-10) - part-funded by ESF/EU Research Network (COST-2102)

Forthcoming projects