The Cognitive Signal Image Processing Research (COSIPRA) Laboratory has been established by Dr Amir Hussain, the founding Director, with the aim to lead and advance internationally-leading interdisciplinary research in brain inspired cognitive systems, with a focus on cognitive signal and image processing technologies and their application to real-world problem solving. Of particular interest are the development of next generation healthcare, intelligent web and autonomous systems applications.

COSIPRA Lab collaborates with world-leading researchers from all over the world, including from the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, MIT Media Lab and Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA and numerous leading Universities in Europe.

COSIPRA Lab members have recently launched an exciting interdisciplinary (peer reviewed) journal in the neurosciences: "Cognitive Computation", published by Springer (USA) - with Dr. Amir Hussain the Founding Editor-in-Chief, and Prof. Igor Aleksander the Honorary Editor-in-Chief - for further details and to submit a paper (and/or propose a timely Special Issue), see: 

COSIPRA Lab members also act as associate editors/editorial board members of several world-leading journals, such as the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks -  and the international journal of robotics and automation 

COSIPRA Lab members are also involved in organizing world-class conferences,
such as: 

""Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems" (BICS2012)

 "International Symposium on Neural Networks" (ISNN'2012)

"International Conference on Neural Networks" (WCCI2012)

COSIPRA Lab members also manage the IEEE UK & RI Industry Applications Society (IAS) Chapter (with Dr. Amir Hussain, the IEEE IAS Chapter Chair)- for more details, see:

COSIPRA Lab works as part of Stirling's Computational Intelligence Research Group (headed by Prof. Leslie Smith), the Care Technologies Cluster (headed by Prof. Ken Turner) and the China-Scotland Signal Image Processing Research Academy (SIPRA) (headed by Prof. Tariq Durrani).