University of Stirling

Machine Learning Driven Heart Disease Prognostic Model

1. Sex:

2. Asymptomatic Chest Pain?

3. Resting BP:

4. Maximum heart rate achieved:

5. Exercise induced angina:

6. St segment up sloping:

7. Number of major vessels coloured by fluoroscopy:

8. Thal - reversable defect:

Developed by Kamran Farooq, Hicham Atassi, Thomas Mazzocco, Stephen Leslie1, Calum MacRae2, Chris Eckl3,Warner Slack4, Amir Hussain.
This research project is funded by the EPSRC (Grant Ref. No. EP/H501584/1) and 3Sitekit Solutions Ltd in collaboration with 1Cardiology Clinic, Raigmore Hospital 2Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and 4Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Harvard Medical School.
All rights reserved. Pilot prototype provided "as is" without any warranty.