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Computing Science and Mathematics

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EMS-SCM joint meting 2017

AMS Notices article on Wolbachia
March, 2016, pp 292-293. pdf

EMS-SCM joint meting 2015

Edinburgh Mathematical Society
General Secretary, 2013-2017

Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Member, 2007-

IDDSAS Workshop
13-14/12/2013, University of Stirling

Journal of Biological Dynamics
Editorial Board member, 2011-2018

BIOMATH journal
Editorial Board member, 2012-2015

Dr József Z. Farkas

Reader/Associate Professor

Publications - Seminar talks - Conference presentations - Some running pictures

Research interests:

Structured population dynamics - Applied analysis - Quantifying cancer dynamics in the lung - Mathematical modelling - Wolbachia dynamics

Part of the Computational Mathematics and Optimisation research group.

PhD topics

MathSciNet profile

Google Scholar profile

University research profile

Research presentation in May 2015, at the Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada.

Teaching at Stirling:

  1. MATU9AF Introduction to Functional Analysis
  2. MATU9RC Advanced Real and Complex Analysis
  3. MAT9LA Complex Analysis
  4. MAT(U)9LB Modelling with Differential Equations
  5. MAT(U)9LC Real Analysis
  6. MATU9KC Special Topics (Geometry)
  7. MAT9MA Special Topics (Vector Calculus)
  8. MAT9K4 Linear Algebra
  9. MAT913 Mathematics and its Applications III (Calculus and Probability)
  10. MAT912 Mathematics and its Applications II (Vector geometry)
  11. MAT9J8 Short Projects
  12. MAT9K8 Long Projects
  13. MATU9RP Research Portfolio
  14. ITNP(B)D1 Mathematical Foundations (MSc in Big Data)

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