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Dr Jingpeng Li


Computer Science & Mathematics

Room 4B95

Tel: +44(0) 178646-7450

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Qualifications: PhD Leeds, MSc HUST

Ongoing & Past Research Projects


1. NNSFC 71571076: Robust Bus Vehicle Scheduling Based on Stochastic Running Time (基于随机运营时间的公交鲁棒车辆调度研究, 01/2016 12/2019).

2. EPSRC EP/J017515/1: DAASE: Dynamic Adaptive Automatic Software Engineering (09/2013 05/2018).

3. NBNSF 2012A610026: Search with Evolutionary Ruin and Stochastic Rebuild (一个基于演化破坏和随机重建的新搜索方法的理论和实践研究, 09/2012 08/2014).

4. NBSTB 2012B610055: From the Big Data to the New Knowledge of the Key Technology Research and its Application in the Intelligent Logistics Management Service (从大数据到新知识的关键技术研究及其在智能物流管理服务平台中的应用, 08/2012 07/2015).

5. NNSFC 71171087: Research into Location-Based Integrated Public Transport Scheduling (基于车辆定位数据的公交集成调度研究, 01/2012 12/2015).

6.  NNSFC 70971044: New Optimisation Theory and Methods for Rail Crew Scheduling (轮乘制下铁路客运专线乘务计划优化编制理论和方法, 01/2010 12/2012).

7.  NNSFC 70671045: Integrated Bus and Crew Scheduling Based on Regionalized Operation Mode (公交区域运营模式及集成调度方法研究, 01/2007 12/2009).

8.  EPSRC EP/D061571/1: Next Generation Decision Support: Automating the Heuristic Design Process. (04/2007 03/2009).

9.  EPSRC GR/S31150/01: Novel Metaheuristic Research Directions in Healthcare Personnel Rostering (10/2005 03/2007).

10.  EPSRC GR/S70197/01: PLATFORM: Towards more General Optimisation/Search System (10/2004 09/2005).

11.  EPSRC GR/R92899/01: The Supervisor: Towards a Human Scheduling Algorithm (01/2003 09/2004).


Teaching & Supervision

I am teaching the 2016 Autumn modules CSCU9B1 (Essential Skills for the Information Age) PDMU9L6 (Information Technology Skills), PDMU9L7 (Advanced Information Technology Skills) and ITNP023 (Foundations of Information Technology). I also lectured various UG/PG modules including Information Systems, Managing Information, Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Language Paradigms, Introduction to Programming and Algorithms, Requirements Engineering, Foundations of Software Engineering, and Introduction to Algorithms during the past several years.

I am offering to supervise PhD projects in the areas of Intelligent Scheduling Systems (particularly in Transport & Logistics), Meta-heuristics (both on the theoretical and practical sides), Multi-Objective Decision Making, Optimization & Search Methodologies, Machine Learning and Data Mining. Candidates are of course welcome to propose their own research agendas. Please email me with your CV and a short proposal if you would like to pursue a PhD with me as supervisor.

Current PhD Students:

         Amjad Ullah Cloud Resource Provisioning (2014 )

         Ken Reid BT Workforce Scheduling (2015 )

         Kia Dashtipour Multilingual Sentiment Analysis (with Prof Amir Hussain being the 1st supervisor, 2015 )

         Mohammad Ali Alharbi Cognitive Agent-Based Modeling (with Prof Amir Hussain being the 1st supervisor, 2015 )

         Abdulrahman Alqarafi Arabic Sentiment Analysis/NLP (with Prof Amir Hussain being the 1st supervisor, 2016 )

         Abder-Rahman Ali Cognitively-Inspired Affective Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interaction (with Prof Amir Hussain being the 1st supervisor, 2016 )

         Mandar Cogate Deep Learning (with Prof Amir Hussain being the 1st supervisor, 2016 )



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