Racing Karts

The Departmental Challenge, 2003-02-10.

(The following photos were taken by Bill Johnstone)

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The Challengers - Campbell, Graham, Richard, Allan, Kevin, Julie, David, Grace, Mario,
Florence, Tim, Bruce, Carron, Jon, Rosemary (and Bill, behind the camera!).
The empty circuit at Livingston. The drivers prepare to do battle.
The drivers get ready to leave the pits... ...then take their places on the grid.
The green flag is waved, and they're off! Kevin zooms by the spectator area...
...followed by Richard... ...and Graham.
Allan, Graham and David fight it out. The chequered flag ends a race.
Allan celebrates his win with Graham and David... ...then opens the well shaken bottle of bubbly.
David gets a soaking from Allan... ...then shows what he prefers to do with the booze.

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