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  1. J.D. Amor (2011), Detecting and Monitoring Behavioral Change Through Personalised Ambient Monitoring, University of Southampton, Institute of Sound and Vibrarion Research, Doctoral Thesis, 208pp,
  2. J.M. Blum (2012), Handling Emergent Conflicts in Adaptable Rule-Based Sensor Networks, University of Stirling, Institute of Computing Science and Mathematics, Doctoral Thesis, 200pp,
  3. S.G. Mohiuddin (2011), Enabling health, independence and wellbeing for patients with bipolar disorder through Personalised Ambient Monitoring, University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis, 257pp,
  4. P.A. Prociow (2011), Mobile psychiatry: Personalised Ambient Monitoring for the mentally ill, University of Nottingham, Faculty of Engineering, Doctoral Thesis, 186pp,

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