An infrostructure for Feature Interaction Resolution in a Multiple Service Environment -
The Application of Transaction Processing Techniques to the Feature Interaction Problem.

D. Marples, E.H.Magill and D.G. Smith (1995)
in Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture (TINA'95), Melbourne, Australia, 1995.

An approach based on the principles of transaction processing for the runtime detection and resolution of Feature Interaction is presented. The principles of transactions are introduced followed by details of the way in which these are used in a multiple service environment to allow features to propose responses to call processing events which can then be accepted or rejected by a Feature Manager. Details of the design of an experimental testbed are presented and example message flows between the components of the system are shown. Results obtained from the application of the testbed with a number of potentially interacting features are presented. The paper concludes with an assessment of these results and suggestions for further work. It is found that the technique is effective at the detection of interaction and requires only minimal changes to existing features to allow its use.