Behaviour Based Run-Time Feature Interaction Detection and Resolution Approaches For Intelligent Networks.

S.Tsang, E.H.Magill (1997)
Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Distributed Systems IV, P. Dini, R. Boutaba and L. Logrippo(Eds.), IOS Press, 1997

This paper presents an extension of previous work and proposes a new interaction detection and resolution approach for Intelligent Networks (IN) which requires no "a priori" knowledge of interactions and maintains service privacy. Taking IN run-time issues into consideration, the proposed interaction detection approach monitored external service behaviour and detected interactions as deviations from "signature" behaviour. The need for generic resolution techniques in distributed operating systems, generic interaction resolution techniques were designed and integrated with the detection approach. Using a specially designed IN testbed, a comprehensive set of experiments was carried out which included three and four feature combination scenarios, and these produced very positive results which are provided at the end of the paper.