31V7 Organisation, Autumn 1997

The home page for this unit can be found via the department's web pages or directly as http://www.cs.stir.ac.uk/~ces/teaching/31v7/. The newsgroup for this unit is stirling.cs.31v7. Check the web pages and newsgroup regularly for updated information.


The course unit coordinator is Dr. Carron Shankland (email address ces, Room 4B62). The co-lecturers are Prof. Al Dearle (email address al, Room 4B67) and Dr. Savi Maharaj (email address savi, Room 4B68). The lecturers will cover three self-contained but related streams of material. You are advised to keep separate notes for each lecturer.


The first lecture is on Thursday 18th September.


Tutorials will be taken by the course lecturers, and will generally be set for the week following the one in which material is covered by the lectures. Some tutorials may be scheduled in one of the computer laboratories. Attendance at one tutorial per week is expected and may be recorded.


The first tutorial is on Monday 29th September.


Two assignments total 40% of the course mark, with an examination making up the other 60%. The assignments will deal with design of a distributed system (due 11th November) and with specification of a concurrent system (due 6th December). When submitting assignments, it is preferable to use a plastic wallet marked clearly with your name and student ID. Avoid stapling or binding sheets such that they are difficult to separate and assess. Note that the department requires individual work in assignments; copying and close collaboration are not acceptable.


The recommended and additional textbooks will be available through the University Library's Reserved Book Room.


In order to obtain a grade for this unit you must:

In addition there are attendance requirements laid down in the University Degree Regulations. For this unit, the prescribed classes are the tutorials and the practicals.

If you fail to meet these requirements you will receive a No Grade. This rule may be relaxed for students who can show good cause for failure to meet a requirement. Good cause may include illness, for which a medical certificate or other evidence will be required.

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