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Updated 31 Oct 2008 18:01
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6 people are involved in this multidisciplinary project. Each person brings complementary skills to the project.

  • Carron Shankland is a senior lecturer at the University of Stirling and is the principal investigator of the project. Her role is to provide expertise in theoretical computer science techniques, process algebra in particular.

  • Rachel Norman is a senior lecturer in the Mathematics group at the University of Stirling. She is responsible for relating results to traditional Ordinary Differential Equation models of epidemiology, and for providing mathemtical biology input more generally.

  • Chris McCaig has just completed his PhD thesis on using WSCCS for disease spread. He is continuing this work in this project.

  • Soufiene Benkirane has just started his PhD at the University of Stirling. His work focusses on the use of PEPA for disease spread.

  • Mike Begon is Professor of Ecology at the University of Liverpool. He brings biological expertise to the project.

  • Jane Hillston is a Professor of Computing within the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. She invented PEPA in 1991, and is collaborating on this project as PEPA expert.

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