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for staff and postgraduate students:

The primary purpose of this Service is to provide advice on Statistical matters. The advice can be on technical issues that would require a brief telephone call or email to resolve or, at the other extreme, require one or more extended sessions.

The Service for Staff:

A major part of the work of the Service is likely to be in support of Research. For example:

    in the planning and design stages of a research project
    in drawing up a grant proposal - toughening up the proposal statistically
    in refereeing a paper involving statistical techniques - are the tests being used correctly and appropriately?
    in reading academic papers - are there new, novel or unfamiliar methods being used?
    in validating research results - can standard methods be used or are special, customised methods called for?
    advice on source material and the choice and use of statistical software

The Statistical Service is provided free at the point of service and is completely confidential.

The Service for Postgraduates:

For postgraduates the aim is not to replace but to support and complement existing Departmental resources available in Statistics. One would expect students to go first to their course tutor or supervisor and to be referred to the Service when this is thought necessary.

One would imagine that many of the services offered to staff and listed above would also be appropriate for postgraduates. One important contribution that the Service can make is to help students with insufficient Statistics or Mathematics background. Indeed the Service is already running special workshops for the Graduate School and can lay on additional Workshops at Departmental or Faculty level.

Statistical Consultancy:

Although the Statistical Service is being funded out of the Strategic Change Fund, the Service is interested in directly generating income with a view, in the medium term, to being in part self-supporting. To this end it is offering consultancy services for internal and external clients for which a fee would be negotiated for work carried out. For example:

    help in the analysis of data
    participation in the preparation of reports
    designing surveys

Organisational Details:

The Service is being organised by the Director: Leslie Smith with Kate Howie as the Senior Statistical Consultant. Kate came to Stirling nearly eleven years ago from the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Glasgow. She was based within Glasgow Western Infirmary where as part of her job she provided a Statistical Service both to the Department and to the Hospital as a whole. During her many years in that role she gained experience and expertise in the design and analysis of research studies and in dealing with statistical queries in many different areas.

The Statistical Service has now been running formally for six years. Prior to that it had been running informally for over a year. The number of clients had been increasing steadily over the year, information about the Service being spread by "word of mouth". It had grown to such an extent that it was felt that the established need for Statistical help within the University should be recognised by creating a more formal structure for it.

How to Contact the Service:

*    Call Kate on extn 7465 (from outwith the University on 01786-467465 )

      or send her an email at the address:          cah@maths.stir.ac.uk

*    She will reply as soon as possible to discuss matters and / or make an appointment.

Office Hours:

Most days drop-in advice sessions are available in Cottrell Room 4B98. To see the current Office Hours go to  Office Hours .

 This is your Service so make use of it!

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Last modified: 24 January 2005