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Welcome to the website of Andrew Abel. I am a research fellow, currently employed at the University of Stirling, recently awarded a grant as Research CI by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), titled Next Generation Hearing-Aids Which Can See. I have a keen interest in cognitive and multimodal speech processing. My other research interests include fusion of multimodal streams, with a focus on cognitively inspired architectures. More information on this can be found on my research page. I am also an experienced lecturer/tutor, with an active interest in helping students to improve, which is discussed on my teaching page. I was recently based in China January-September 2015 at Anhui University, where I was a visiting researcher.

More Information

Recent Updates

October 2015 - New Job

Having been awarded a new EPSRC grant, I have resumed full time work at the University of Stirling after leaving China.

May 2015 - Website update

Updated website with new publications and grant announcement.

April 2015 - Kosice Neuroscience Workshop, April 20-24

I recently attended the Kosice Neuroscience Workshop in Slovakia and gave a presentation titled "Cognitively Inspired Speech Processing For Multimodal Hearing Technology". I also gave a seminar at Comenius University in Bratislava.

April 2015 - Return to Stirling

From April 2015 until June, I will be based in Stirling University, working primarily on the SMoGSS Gamma Ray Detection Program.

December 2014 - Visiting Researcher

From January until April 2015, I will be based in Anhui University, in China (, as a visiting researcher.

December 2014 - Workshop update

In October and November 2014, I attended the SICSA Demofest in Edinburgh, and also the Scotland-China SIPRA Workshop 2014, in Hefei.