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Adrian Worton


Welcome to my home page. I am a final-year PhD student, supervised by Prof. Rachel Norman (Department of Mathematics, University of Stirling) and Dr Lucy Gilbert (Ecological Sciences, James Hutton Institute). I am also a former associate member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) and a postgraduate member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (EMS).

PhD Research

My research comes from an IMPACT scholarship joint-funded by the University and the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. Titled ‘Using mathematical models to understand the impact of climate change on tick-borne infections’, it aims to develop a model to make long-term predictions of tick-borne infections across Scotland. This is expected to be submitted in the summer of 2016.

Fishbox Collaboration

In the autumn of 2015 I worked with Prof. Norman on an Innovation Voucher project to develop an algorithm for use by small business Fishbox. This has led to a further project, running from February–July 2016, where I am employed as a Research Assistant with the aim of fully implementing the algorithm for functional use.


From 2013 I have been a recognised teacher at the University, and have been involved with the following modules:

Undergraduate Degree

From 2008 to 2012 I studied Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Stirling, achieving a First Class Honours degree. I also was awarded a prize for Outstanding Performance in my final year, which also came with a nomination for the Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the Year Awards (now defunct).

I was also president of the Stirling University Maths Society (SUMS) in my final year, and represented the Mathematics department at University events such as open days.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

In February 2012 I was part of one of three teams of three who represented the University in the MCM competition. In this competition the teams had to choose a problem to tackle over 4 days, and create a model for it. The problem our team looked at was how to maximise the amount of rafting trips along a fictional river. Our team's paper was the highest-placed in Europe, as we were finalists, meaning we finished in the top 27 out of 3697 teams worldwide.

As a PhD student I have been involved in training the University's teams for the 2013-2016 competitions.

Talks and Publications

At the 2014 European Conference in Mathematical & Theoretical Biology in Gothenburg I presented a talk on ‘Incorporating environmental factors into tick-borne disease models’. I also plan to present at the 2016 edition of this conference in Nottingham. In 2015 I won the prize for Best Talk at the University of Stirling’s Computing Science & Mathematics PhD Student Day.

I am an author on the following published paper:

Other Research

In my spare time I run the website The Game is a Foot. Here I aim to use my mathematics skills and apply it to the wider world, such as sports and politics. I am very keen to feature guest articles, so if you’re interested there’s more information on the site, and either e-mail me through here or through the website.