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Research Enquiries

Staff Research Interests

Head of Division

Richard Connor -


Bruce P Graham - BA (Flinders), PhD (Queensland), SMIEEE
Computational Principles of the Nervous System, Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Neural Networks, Associative Memory, Adaptive and Fuzzy Systems
Rachel A Norman - BSc (Liverpool),PhD (Liverpool)
Mathematical biology - Aquatic food security, dynamics and control of infectious diseases, emerging Diseases - within host models and moving between scales
Gabriela Ochoa - MSc (Venezuela), PhD (Sussex)
Evolutionary Computation, Complex Adaptive Systems, Autonomous Search, Fitness Landscape Analysis, Data Mining, Health Applications, Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE)
Carron E Shankland - BSc (Glasgow), PhD (Glasgow)
Understanding biological system behaviour (disease dynamics, immune response, collective dynamics) using mathematical and computational models, including genetic algorithms and programming


Jozsef Farkas - MSc (Budapest), PhD (Budapest)
Cancer modelling, Wolbachia infection dynamics in arthropod species, Structured population dynamics, Spectral theory of positive operators
Jingpeng Li - MSc (HUST), PhD (Leeds)
Metaheuristic, Evolutionary Computation, Multi-objective Optimisation, Scheduling & Planning, Stochastic Process, Date Mining, Search Based Software Engineering

Senior Lecturers

Andrew Hoyle - BSc (Liverpool), PhD (Liverpool)
Evolutionary modelling of antibiotic resistance and disease control
Mario Kolberg - MSc (Dipl.-Inf.FH.HTWS Zittau/Görlitz), PhD, SMIEEE
Peer-to-Peer Overlay networks, Feature Interaction, Social Care Systems, Mobile and Multimedia Services
Kevin Swingler - BSc (Exeter), MSc (Stirling)
Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence


Deepayan Bhowmik -
Andrea Bracciali - MSc (Pisa), PhD (Pisa)
Concurrency, Formal Methods and Applications to Systems Biology and Crowd Dynamics
Sandy Brownlee - BSc (Robert Gordon University), PhD (Robert Gordon University)
Metaheuristics, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-objective and Constrained Optimization, Real-world Applications, Decision Making, Handling uncertainty, Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE)
David E Cairns - BSc (Stirling), PhD (Stirling)
Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Computer Interfaces for the Disabled
Simon B Jones - BA (York), MSc (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), PhD (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), CITP, Ceng, MBCS
Programming Languages and Design, Semantics, Implementation and Application of Functional Languages, Formal Aspects of Software Engineering
Anya Kirpichnikova -
Wen-shin Lee -
Savitri Maharaj - BSc (West Indies), MSc (Edinburgh), PhD (Edinburgh)
Formal Methods for System Verification, Theorem-Proving and Type Theory
Anthony O'Hare - (BSc Cork), MSc (Salford), PhD (Loughborough)
Nonlinear Interacting systems, Dynamical Game theory, Incorporating genetics into (spatial) epidemiological models

Research Fellows

Jason Adair -
Adam Linson -
Paul McMenemy -

Research Assistants

Joana Carvalho -
Stacia Stetkiewicz -

Teaching Fellows

Catherine A Howie - BSc (Glasgow), Consultant Statistician
Formal Medical Statistics, Population Pharmacokinetics
Penelope S Jackson - BSc (Stirling), PhD (Stirling)
Algebraic Graph Theory
Donald A Smith - BSc (Edinburgh), DipEd (Edinburgh), MSc (Stirling)

Emeritus Professors

Jonathan V Greenman - BA (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)
Biomathematics, Epidemiological Systems, Operational Research, Energy-Economic-Environmental Systems
Peter Rowlinson - MA (Oxford), DPhil (Oxford)
Algebraic Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Leslie S Smith - BSc (Glasgow), PhD (Glasgow), SMIEEE
Neuroinformatics, Auditory Modelling, Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Systems
Kenneth J Turner - BSc (Glasgow), PhD (Edinburgh)
Communications Systems and Services, Home Care Technologies, Policy-Based Management, Medical Devices, Applied Formal Methods

Honorary Professors

Roger G Bowers -
Tariq S Durrani -
David Marples - BEng (Bradford), MEng (Bradford), PhD (Strathclyde)

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