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Research Enquiries

Research Student Talks 2014

The Division of Computing Science and Mathematics organises an annual PhD Research Students Day at which all research students get an opportunity to showcase their work and obtain feedback from both academics and fellow students.

Research Student Talks - (PDF) schedule of research student talks, 06 Feb 2014, including abstracts.

Iona Paterson being awarded the Best Presentation Prize for 2014 by Professor Evan Magill, Head of Division.

The following table lists the students and the titles of their talks. Click on a talk title to download the PDF of the slides of that talk.

Student Title of Talk
Saemundur Oskar Haraldsson Automatic Software Improvement
Omair Albakistani Towards a generalised agent-based participatory simulation framework for social e-learning
Mohammad Al Mojamed Adaptable Approach for P2P over Mobile ad hoc networks
Kevin Graham Identifier Splitting for SBSE Software Maintenance
Dalila Hamami SBML for optimizing decision support tools
Iona Kirsty Paterson Controlling antibiotic resistance in an aquatic environment
Muhammad Ilyas A novel Computational Intelligence based Clinical Decision Support System for predicting growth in short children
Adrian Worton Incorporating environmental factors into tick-borne disease models
Hani Alharbi Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Unstructured P2P Systems
Amjad Ullah A formal computational framework for structured populations
Saliha Zarine Minhas Automating Linguistic Based Cues for Detecting Deception in Corporate Reports
Dhaifallah Bakhit Alwadani Connecting Multicast Islands Using Tunnels and Peer- to-Peer Overlays
Abdulrahman Alalshekmubarak A noise robust Arabic speech recognition system based on the echo state network
Paul McMenemy Depuration dynamics of norovirus within Pacific oysters
Farida Chowdhury Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlays for Mobile Networks
Madhurananda Pahar Re-synthesis of sound from spike codes: beyond the auditory nerve and Onsets
Erin Scott Integration of life stage models of the Pacific oyster: Challenges and outcomes
Kevin Swingler A Walsh Analysis of Multilayer Perceptron Function