10 Apr 2008

New presentation
The presentation on GC5 given by Professor Steve Furber at the 2008 Grand Challenges conference is now available online in two formats:
Committee changes
Murray Shanahan has stepped down as Chair of the GC-5 committee. Aaron Sloman has agreed to act as chair, for the time being.
The Committee has been enlarged and will be looking for new members from several disciplines related to GC5. (Suggestions to Aaron Sloman please.) The current membership is listed here.

16-18th September 2007:

CoSy Meeting of Minds Workshop
Meeting of Minds in Action: Natural and Artificial.
University of Paris.
Funded and organised by the EU CoSy Cognitive Robotics Project

15-16 June 2007

International Workshop on Natural and Artificial Cognition (WONAC)
Pembroke College, Oxford University.
Funded by EU+NSF -- directly inspired by the IJCAI 2005 tutorial.

30 Dec 2006

Web site completely re-vamped.

Information available about FP7 Work programme, which overlaps significantly with GC-5.
See especially challenge 2 in the work programme:

Challenge 2: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics

16-18th August 2006

Workshop on Cognitive Robotics, Intelligence and Control (COGRIC)
Windsor Park. Funded by NSF and EPSRC

1 Jul 2006

The report on the 2006 Grand Challenges conference is available
including the latest report on discussion of GC-5 at the conference:

April 2006

A two day symposium on GC-5 was held on 3-4 April 2006 as part of the AISB'06 Conference in Bristol. Sponsored by the EU-funded euCognition network.
SSAISB (The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour), is the oldest AI society, formed in 1964, and is one of the two main UK AI societies. The other is SGAI (The BCS Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence).

30-31 July 2005: IJCAI-05

A tutorial on Learning and Representation in Animals and Machines was held at the Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Sponsored by BT, IBM, SSAISB and InferMed.

There is now also a booklet with the notes and and some of the slides from the tutorial.

March 2005

A booklet edited by Tony Hoare and Robin Milner presenting the Computing Research Grand Challenges was Published in 2004.

A booklet on Computing Education Grand Challenges was also published, edited by Andrew McGettrick, Roger Boyle, Roland Ibbett, John Lloyd, Gillian Lovegrove and Keith Mander.

29-31 March 2004

UKCRC Grand Challenges Conference Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

27 Feb 2004

Poster on architectures for Royal Institution meeting on emotions, Friday 27 Feb 2004

26 Feb 2004

Grand Challenges Conference at Newcastle (29-31 March)

24 Jan 2004

Message about outcome of January workshop Sent to mailing list.

24 Jan 2004:

Considerable reorganisation of this web site This includes moving some of the previous contents into two separate files:

23 Jan 2004:

Documentation on January workshop updated Including the list of relevant links.

5th Jan 2004:

Workshop on GC-5 held at De Montfort University in Leicester

31 Dec 2003:

List of relevant links started

2 Dec 2003: GC-5 Workshop planned for Monday 5th Jan 2004

A workshop to discuss this grand challenge is planned for Monday 5th January at DeMontfort University in Leicester. The local organiser is Aladdin Ayesh, Further details are available here and will be updated from time to time.

This workshop is intended, in part, to help those who wish to submit papers relating to Cognitive Systems or Cognitive Science to the Grand Challenges conference being organised by Tony Hoare and Robin Milner in Newcastle, on March 29-31 2004, co-located with the CPHC annual conference. Details about that conference can be found here.

The Newcastle conference will be concerned with all the proposed grand challenges. 2000-word submissions to that conference are invited from interested researchers. Deadline for submissions is 1st February.

23 Oct 2003

Hjalmar Gislason has posted comments on some of the grand challenges, including GC-5 at his 'Wetware' blogsite, here:

Oct 2003 CACM article

The latest issue of Communications of the ACM (October 2003) has an article by Hans Moravek on why the time is right for a new attack on the problem of designing an intelligent robot. He includes a partial analysis of some of the reasons for earlier failures. Some of his arguments about what will be possible in the future depend on claims about the computational needs of brains which some people may think are based on assumptions about how brains work that might be wrong.

26 Sep 2003: Report in Computing

Following a press briefing on grand challenge projects at the British Computer Society London, a few days ago, a report has appeared in Computing:

11 Sep 2003: Two new items today.

21 Aug 2003: Japanese 'Grand Challenge' project.

Owen Holland has drawn my attention to this report on a very similar grand challenge proposal in Japan announced in Japan times on 20th August 2003
"Japanese researchers in robot technology are advocating a grand project, under which the government would spend 50 billion yen a year over three decades to develop a humanoid robot with the mental, physical and emotional capacity of a 5-year-old human."

20 Aug 2003: Draft press release for GC-5.

A draft press-release describing our Grand Challenge proposal can be found here

16 Jul 2003: Draft document on gaps in knowledge

A draft document attempts to identify some of the major kinds of gaps in our understanding of requirements for modelling or explaining human intelligence: i.e gaps in our knowledge of what needs to be explained. See this overview.

13 Jul 2003: Document on ontologies and affordances added.

Some comments on the need to understand perception of affordances, based partly on a video of a 19 month old child.

2 Jul 2003: EU Cognitive Systems call details

Original Word file
PDF version from EU web site
HTML version produced by Open Office (with minor post editing)

There is also a presentation given by Colette Maloney of the EU on 20th June:

Powerpoint version
PDF produced by Open Office (
This is essential reading.

25 Jun 2003: Rapidly Changing Neural Connectivity.

Added some notes on this topic and its potential significance for novel mechanisms under-pinning human intelligence.

23 Jun 2003:

Michael Kenward's article on the UK Foresight Cognitive Systems project.

17 June 2003: Change of UKCRC GC URL

Owing to problems at the Glasgow site, all URLs starting with
have now been replaced with the following prefix:

14th May 2003:

Presentation on GC-5 to a UK Foresight Cognitive Systems workshop on grand challenges in London. The slides are here:
(Revised on 23 May 2003).