Background: The November 2002 Workshop

A workshop was held at the University of Edinburgh, on 24-26 November 2002 organised by Tony Hoare and the late Robin Milner to discuss possible 'Grand Challenge' projects in Computer Science (and AI).

Information about the workshop is available here, including the background to the workshop, the first stage outcomes and an invitation to submit comments on the proposals.

A report on the workshop is available here (PDF file).

Several proposals emerged from the workshop. A list of all the proposals, and some that emerged later, is here: (with pointers to the archives of email discussions on each proposal).

One of them was GC-5: Architecture of brain and mind.

This web site is about that Grand Challenge proposal. It also points to other related things.

Initially discussion on GC-5 was led by Professor Mike Denham, but by May 2003 Mike found that he was too busy to continue as 'moderator' so Aaron Sloman was asked to take his place, though Mike continued to support the initiative. Later, in January 2005, Professor Murray Shanahan agreed to lead the initiative.

Following several months of discussion by the various grand challenge teams, a report dated, 29th May 2003, was presented to UK CRC, which endorsed the report. It was publicly circulated by Robin Milner on 6th June 2003. A plain text version is here. This proposed ongoing discussions in parallel of the various proposals, leading up to a conference to be held the following year eventually scheduled for in March 2004 in Newcastle.