This is a connections and directions workshop for all those interested in Modelling, under the SICSA Modelling and Abstraction research theme.

We aim to disseminate ongoing research, stimulate further collaborations and discuss the current challenges in the field of modelling and funding opportunities. We are also interested in potential cross-contaminations with other research communities.

The workshop is organised around three technical and one EPSRC invited talks, a few contributed short talks, poster presentations, a Modelling Exercise and a discussion section.

Invited speakers.

   |= Prof. Kim G. Larsen, Aalborg University

   |= Prof. David J. Pym, University of Aberdeen

   |= EPSRC talk: Dr. Christina Turner, EPSRC

   |= SICSA Distinguished Visitor, Prof. Alberto Policriti, Università di Udine

Participation is free but registration is kindly requested (required for wireless access - unless you can access eduroam networks). Please, follow the menu on the left to access the registration page.