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Updated 29 May 2007 11:18
Scottish Hoppers 2007: Friday 1st June

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The meeting will take place in the Iris Murdoch Building at the University of Stirling.

Useful maps and directions to the University.

What to do when you get here:
If travelling by car, there are car parks nearby the Iris Murdoch Building. The easiest route to our meeting room is to enter the Iris Murdoch Building from the south. (This building has its own entrance, and is somewhat separate from the rest of the University.)

If travelling by bus: get off in Queens Court. The easiest route by far is to go round the outside of the building. See our map.
However, if it's raining, or you like getting lost in a maze of corridors then enter Cottrell building at the link bridge. Go up the stairs and turn left (along the 2A corridor). Keep walking and following the signs for the Iris Murdoch Building until you get to a dead end (you should be in the Nursing and Midwifery department). There is a door to stairs to your left and behind. Go up one flight. Now continue in the direction you were heading before until you get to the door out (along the corridor, turn right at the end, and about 30m ahead). Exit the building, and enter the Iris Murdoch Building which is just opposite. We will put up signs to help!

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