Accepted contributions
CIBB Main Track
- A Critique Of Lasso-based Methods In Sparse Contingency Tables
Gilbert MacKenzie and Susana Conde
- A Deep Learning Neural Network For Nucleosome Identĩcation
Giosu Lo Bosco, Riccardo Rizzo, Antonino Fiannaca, Massimo La Rosa and Alfonso Urso
- A Logistic Model Tree Based Approach For eQTL Data Prediction Integration
Stefano Beretta, Mauro Castelli, Ivo Gonalves, Ivan Kel and Ivan Merelli
- A Machine Learning Approach To Investigate Multi-omic Regulatory Circuits In Bacterial Metabolic Pathways
Francesco Bardozzo, Pietro Li and Roberto Tagliaferri
- An Adaptive Strategy To Oversample Rare And Clustered Traits
Federico Andreis and Marco Bonetti 
- Causal Effect Of Body Mass Index On Metabolites: Multiple Instruments
Susana Conde, Xiaoguang Xu, Hui Guo and Carlo Berzuini
- Correlation Between Proteomic Network Inference And Protein-protein Interaction Networks
Davide Stefano Sardina, Giovanni Micale, Alfredo Ferro, Alfredo Pulvirenti and Rosalba Giugno 
- Deepscope: Nonintrusive Whole Slide Saliency Annotation And Prediction From Pathologists At The Microscope
Andrew J. Schaumberg, S. Joseph Sirintrapun, Hikmat A. Al-Ahmadie, Peter J. Schüffler and Thomas J. Fuchs
- Dimension Reduction Of Metagenome Data Using Rodeo Improves Phenotype Prediction
Anna Paola Carrieri, Niina Haiminen and Laxmi Parida
- Ensemble Approaches For Stable Assessment Of Clusters In Microbiome Samples
Sanja Brdar and Vladimir Crnojevic
- Evolution Of Dendritic Morphologies For Pattern Recognition In Passive Neuron Model
Mohammad Ziyad Kagdi and Rene Te Boekhorst
- Exploring The Functional Redundancy Of miRNA In Cancer With Computational Intelligence
Alexandru Floares, Cornelia Braicu, Roxana Cojocneanu-Petric, Ioana Berindan Neagoe, George Calin, Liana Adam and Florin Manoloache
- GPU-based Omnidirectional Shortest Distance Algorithm And Its Evaluation By Changing GPU Cores
Hiroshi Noborio, Takahiro Kunii and Kiminori Mizushino
- Information-theoretic Active Contour Model For Microscopy Image Segmentation Using Texture
Veronica Biga and Daniel Coca
- Multiple Testing Correction Within A Model Selection Framework
Kirsty Hassall, Andrew Mead, Louise Michaelson and Richard Haslam
- Multi Task Learning For Pathogen-host Protein-protein Interaction Prediction
Esmaeil Nourani, Farshad Khunjush and Fatih Erdogan Sevilgen
- Non-proportional Hazards Modelling Via Multi-parameter Regression
Kevin Burke and Gilbert MacKenzie
- PLS-SEM Mediation Analysis Of Gene-expression Data For The Evaluation Of A Drug Effect
Daniele Pepe and Tomasz Burzykowski
- SEM Signĩcant Shortest Paths For The Characterization Of Gene Expression Data
Daniele Pepe
- Semantic Clustering In Spectral Space For Characterizing Functional Protein Communities
Hassan Mahmoud, Francesco Masulli and Stefano Rovetta
- Some Robust Tools For The Detection Of Low-quality And Outlying Maldi-tof Mass Spectra
Javier Palarea-Albaladejo, Kevin McLean, Frank Wright and David G. E. Smith
- STAble: A Novel Approach To Denovo Assembly Of RNA-seq Data
Igor Saggese, Giovanni Manzini and Flavio Mignone
- Statistical Randomization Test For Inferring Order Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer
Leif Peterson and Tatiana Kovyrshina
- Statistical Texture-based Mapping Of Cell Differentiation Under Microßuidic Flow
Veronica Biga, Olivia M A Coelho, Paul J Gokhale, Eduardo M A M Mendes, Peter W Andrews and Daniel Coca
- The Analysis Of Lupus Nephritis Disease Dynamics Under A Markov Assumption With Use Of Biomarker Data
Antonio Eleuteri, Eve Smith, Anthony Fisher, Michael Beresford, Beatrice Goilav, Laura Lewandowski, Angel Phuti, Dawn Wahezi,
Tamar Rubinstein, Caroline Jones, Paul Newland, Stephen Marks, Rachel Corkhill, Diana Ekdawy, Clarissa Pilkington, Kjell Tullus,
Chaim Putterman and Chris Scott
Special Track: Biocuration And Integration Of Biomedical Databases
- A Web Interface To Query And Filter Data From ArrayExpress
Salvatore Alaimo, Federico Fausto Santoro, Davide Stefano Sardina, Alfredo Ferro, Marco Ragusa, Rosalba Giugno and Alfredo Pulvirenti
- Complex Network Data And Document Stratĩcation For Comorbidity Analysis
Kevin Heffernan, Pietro Lio and Simone Teufel
- Integration Of Biological Data Sources To Build Complex Functional Networks
Claudia Giallombardo, Salvatore Morfea and Simona Ester Rombo
- IRIS-TCGA: An Information Retrieval And Integration System For Cancer Genomic Data
Fabio Cumbo, Emanuel Weitschek, Paola Paci, Teresa Colombo, Paola Bertolazzi and Giovanni Felici
- Using The Gremlin Language To Solve Biological Tasks: A Case Study On BioGraphDB
Antonino Fiannaca, Massimo La Rosa, Laura La Paglia, Antonio Messina, Riccardo Rizzo and Alfonso Urso
Special Track: Engineering Bio-interfaces And Rudimentary Cells As A Way To Develop Synthetic Biology
- Artĩcial Nanosystems To Decode Natural Antioxidants-cellular Membrane Interactions
Filipa Pires and Maria Raposo
- Nanostructured Drug Delivery Films For Brimonidine Controlled Release
Mnica Arajo, Ana Bragana, Filipa Pires, Lusa Mendona, Jorge Morgado and Quirina Ferreira
Special Track: High-performance Computing And Deep Learning Methods For Genomic Data Analysis
- A Novel Algorithm For CpG Island Detection In Human Genome Based On Clustering And Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
Zakaria Benmounah, Mohamed Batouche, Bouchera Maati and Ikram Nekkache
- An E_cient Compound Classĩcation Technique Based On Multiple Kernel Learning For Virtual Screening
Mohamed Batouche, Kamel Zeltni, Meriem Bahi, Amira Khennaoui and Anouar Boucheham
Special Track: Modeling And Simulation Methods for Systems Biology and Systems Medicine
- Approximate Simulation Of Chemical Reaction Systems With Micro, Meso And Macro-scales
Alessandro Re, Giulio Caravagna, Dario Pescini, Marco Salvatore Nobile and Paolo Cazzaniga
- COSYS: Computational Systems Biology Infrastructure
Fabio Cumbo, Marco S. Nobile, Chiara Damiani, Riccardo Colombo, Giancarlo Mauri and Paolo Cazzaniga
- Ensembles Of Parametrizations To Investigate The Crabtree Phenotype By Constraining Mechanism-based Simulations
Riccardo Colombo, Chiara Damiani, Giancarlo Mauri and Dario Pescini
- NetControl4BioMed - Automatic discovery of combined drug therapy
Vladimir Rogojin, Keivan Kazemi, Krishna Kanhaiya, Eugen Czeizler and Ion Petre
- Process Algebra With Layers: A Language For Multi-scale Integration Modelling, Illustrated By A Cell Cycle And DNA Damage Case Study
Erin Scott, Carron Shankland and Andrew Hoyle
Special Track: Modeling Dependence In Survival Analysis: Methodological Issues And Biomedical Implications
- Assessing The Impact Of An Emotion Recognition Task On Heart Rate Variability
Federica Cugnata, Riccardo Maria Martoni, Manuela Ferrario, Clelia Di Serio and Chiara Brombin
- Comparing Discrete Time Multistate Models Using Dissimilarities
Raffaella Piccarreta, Marco Bonetti and Stefano Lombardi
- Comparing Frailty Models In Tumor Dormancy Frameworks
Paola M.V. Rancoita, Romano De Micheli, Elia Mario Biganzoli and Clelia Di Serio
- Modeling Dependence In Bivariate Multi-state Processes: A Frailty Approach
Andrea Giussani and Marco Bonetti
- Modeling The Covariates Effects On The Hazard Function By Piecewise Exponential Artĩcial Neural Networks: An Application To A Controlled Clinical Trial On Renal Carcinoma
Marco Fornili, Patrizia Boracchi, Federico Ambrogi and Elia Mario Biganzoli
- Retrospective Study Of The Effect Of The Number Of Removed Lymph Nodes On Prostate Cancer Recurrence
Chiara Gigliarano, Alessandro Nonis, Alberto Briganti, Marco Bonetti and Clelia Di Serio
Special Track: Statistical Inference In Mechanistic Models Of Biological Systems
- Inference In A Partial Differential Equations Model Of Pulmonary Arterial And Venous Blood Circulation Using Statistical Emulation
Umberto Noe, Weiwei Chen, Maurizio Filippone, Nicholas Hill and Dirk Husmeier
- Parameter Inference In Differential Equation Models Of Biopathways Using Time Warped Gradient Matching
Mu Niu, Simon Rogers, Maurizio Filippone and Dirk Husmeier