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BICS 2015 Call for Papers

7th International Conference on Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems (BICS' 2015), 11-13 Dec 2015, Hefei, China

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The seventh 2015 International Conference on Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems (BICS 2015) will be held in Hefei, Anhui, China, as a sequel of BICS 2004 - 2013. The first BICS 2004 was held in Stirling, Scotland, UK and the last BICS 2013 was held in Beijing, China, 9-13 June 2013 (

Anhui University New Campus

Hefei, formerly known as Hofei, Luzhou, or Luchow, is the capital and largest city of Anhui Province in Eastern China. Hefei has been identified by The Economist (in December 2012) as the world's No.1 fastest growing metropolitan economy ( Hefei Xinqiao International Airport provides scheduled passenger service to major airports in China and international cities as well. Hefei plays an important role in scientific research in China. It has seven national laboratories, second only to Beijing.

BICS 2015 aims to provide a high-level international forum for scientists, engineers, and educators to present the state of the art of brain inspired cognitive systems research and applications in diverse fields. The conference will feature plenary lectures given by world renowned scholars, regular sessions with broad coverage, and some special sessions focusing on popular and timely topics. BICS 2015 will be unique in that there will be no conference proceedings. ALL accepted papers will be published (following a rigorous peer review process) in the ISI-SCI indexed Springer journal: Cognitive Computation, as a multi-part Special Issue.

All prospective authors are invited to submit full-length papers (10-15 pages maximum) through the online Springer submission system (selecting the BICS2015 Special Issue), with a covering letter indicating the paper is being submitted for BICS'2015 ( - please indicate the relevant BICS Symposium name (see topics list below). The submission of a paper implies that the paper is original and has not been submitted under review or copyright protected elsewhere. The authors of accepted papers will have an opportunity to revise their papers. If the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors listed on the paper must attend the conference and present the paper according to the conference schedule determined by the conference's Program Committee. In the event a presenter is unable to attend the conference for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that a qualified colleague presents the paper.

BICS Symposia

We solicit papers in the following (non-exhaustive) BICS Symposia topics:

Biologically Inspired Systems (BICS-BIS):

  • Brain inspired systems
  • Brain inspired vision
  • Brain inspired audition and sound processing
  • Brain inspired other sensory modalities
  • Brain inspired motion processing
  • Brain inspired robotics
  • Brain inspired adaptive and control systems
  • Brain inspired evolutionary systems
  • Brain inspired oscillatory systems
  • Brain inspired signal processing
  • Brain inspired learning
  • Neuromorphic systems
  • Others

Cognitive Neuroscience (BICS-CNS):

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Cognitive neuroscience of vision
  • Cognitive neuroscience of non-vision sensory modalities
  • Cognitive neuroscience of volition
  • Systems neuroscience
  • Attentional mechanisms
  • Affective systems
  • Language
  • Cortical models
  • Sub-cortical models
  • Cerebellar models
  • Neural correlates
  • Others

Models of Consciousness (BICS-MoC):

  • World awareness
  • Self-awareness
  • Global workspace theory
  • Imagination
  • Qualia models
  • Virtual machine approaches
  • Formal models fo consciousness
  • Control theoretical models
  • Developmental/Infant models
  • Will and volition
  • Emotion and affect
  • Philosophical implications
  • Neurophysiological grounding
  • Enactive approaches
  • Heterophenomenology
  • Analyitic/Synthetic phenomenology
  • Others

Neural Computation (BICS-NC):

  • Neuro-computational systems
  • Hybrid neural systems
  • Neural learning
  • Neural control systems
  • Neural signal processing
  • Architectures of neural computation
  • Neural devices
  • Neural perception and pattern classifiers
  • Neuro-fuzzy systems
  • Evolutionary neural networks
  • Biological neural network models
  • Applications
  • Others