Call for Papers: Special Session at 2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in healthcare and e-health (IEEE CICARE 2013)

Prospects and Applications of Computational Intelligence in e-Health

Organizers: Pawel Raif ¨, Mufti Mahmud §, Henrique Martinsª

¨ Dept. of Biosensors and Biomedical Signals Processing, Silesian University of Technology, Akademicka Street 16, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland


§ NeuroChip Laboratory, University of Padova, 35131 – Padova, Italy &

Institute of Information Technology, Jahangirnagar University, 1342 – Dhaka, Bangladesh


ª Centre for Research and Creativity in Informatics – Ci2, Hospital Fernando Fonseca, IC – 19 Amadora, Portugal & Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal



Healthcare is one of the most significant challenges in aging societies. It has always been a difficult but fertile area in informatics research.  The use of modern information technology can improve quality of care, reduce high costs and open avenues for knowledge and science. The term e-Health or health informatics can be defined as healthcare process supported by electronic processes and communication. This term encompass a wide range of the services or systems that are at the edge of medicine and information technology. These services include, but not limited to: electronic health records, telemedicine, the use of mobile devices in collecting health data and providing real-time patient monitoring, healthcare information systems and intelligent medical diagnostic systems. This special session aims to provide an opportunity for researchers to share their experiences, ideas and efforts in the area of innovative information technology solutions in computational intelligence methods towards application to healthcare: medical imaging, e-Health systems, mobile health support, data mining and risk modeling, clinical decision making.

This special session is expected to bring together research topics in the area of the intelligent methods for e-Health research. The focus areas include (but not limited to) the following topics:


·         Healthcare Informatics/e-Health

·         e-Health Architectures and e-Health Services

·         Implementation and Integration of e-Health Services

·         Human-Computer Interaction for providing e-Health solutions

·         Computational Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare for providing e-Health solutions

·         Computational Intelligence in Medical Decisions Making for providing e-Health solutions

·         Data Visualization, Clinical Data Visualization for providing e-Health solutions

·         Secondary data use from large health databases

·         Sensors and Wireless Sensor Networks for Healthcare for providing e-Health solutions

·         RFID in Healthcare

·         m-Health as a solution to e-Health

·         Teleinformatics in Healthcare, and Telemedicine

·         Mobile Technology for Efficient Healthcare

·         Augmented Reality in Healthcare



• October 10th, 2012: Due date for Special Session papers

• January 5th, 2013: Notification of paper acceptance to authors

• February 5th, 2013: Camera-ready of accepted papers

• February 5th, 2013: Early registration


Paper Submission

Please submit your paper via the IEEE SSCI 2013 on-line submission link accessed from: