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MSc in Information Technology/Advanced Computing/
Computing for Financial Markets/Software Engineering
Big Data
Digital submission

All MSc project students are required to submit an electronic/digital copy of their dissertation, and of all their project materials (dissertation, program code, web pages, data files, questionnaires, etc).

This document explains the requirements in detail.


You must upload an electronic version of your dissertation to Turnitin in Succeed.

  1. Connect to Succeed in the usual way (
  2. You should see your MSc project module (ITNP096/ITNP097/ITNP098/ITNP099/ITNPBD5) in your Succeed My Modules panel.
  3. On the Teaching Materials page for the module, there is a section titled "MSc Project Dissertation Turnitin Submission", and below it a link labelled "View/complete". Click this link and then follow the instructions for uploading your dissertation.

Please do NOT leave this to the very final version of your dissertation, in case there are technical issues.

The submission includes a plagiarism check by Turnitin: Turnitin will report a "similarity score", and will identify any text passages which it finds in other documents (on the Web, in other publications, and in other student work here and across the globe). This gives you an opportunity to rewrite sections of your dissertation if necessary. You are permitted (and encouraged) to upload your dissertation as many times as you like - each time the previous version is overwritten, and only the very final one is kept.

To give a rough idea: if Turnitin reports a similarity score less than 10% then everything is probably OK, more than 20% then there is probably some rewriting to do.

Whatever the score, you should look through at what Turnitin has found, and make sure that that any text taken from elsewhere is properly quoted and referenced. Turnitin will also highlight commonly used text such as in the wording of title pages, Attestations, the Contents list and common phrases - clearly there is no need to worry about those parts!

The markers will be advised of the similarity score for your final version, but we will also check the actual text if the score seems a little high to see if it is caused simply by commonly used text.

Project materials

You are also required to submit a copy of your complete project materials (dissertation, program code, web pages, data files, questionnaires, etc) in electronic, digital form to our digital project repository.

A folder will be available for each student on a Divisional file server: While you are connected to the University network (either on campus, or remotely via CampusNet), there are two ways to access your folder:

  1. Right click My Computer, and select Map Network Drive. Choose a drive letter, and in the Folder field enter: \\\Project\nnnnnnn (replacing nnnnnnn with your seven digit student number). You may need to check the Connect Using Different Credentials box and enter your username and password later when prompted. Click Finish.
  2. Open My Computer, click in the location bar at the top of the window, and enter \\\Project\nnnnnnn (again replacing nnnnnnn with your seven digit student number).

You may be prompted for a username and password - enter your CS domain account details, putting CS\ before your username.

You should then see your personal submission folder, and you can simply drag any files/folders into it to submit them.

The materials will be available for the markers if they need to inspect them, and will be held as an archive. NOTE: They will NOT be publicly accessible. If you would like to indicate explicitly that the materials should not be released, then you should put a clearly visible file in your folder, e.g. COPYRIGHT.txt, containing a note about the restrictions.

If your project has been carried out for an external business, and they require that project materials (typically code) are kept strictly confidential, then please let your course director know, and place a file containing an explanatory note in your submission folder. However, you should make sure that your supervisor and second marker have the opportunity to see such materials - perhaps on your laptop screen during your final demonstration.

Occasionally, selected materials may be made available to follow-on projects, unless access is restricted as mentioned above.

If you have any problems with either Turnitin or the repository folders, please contact

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