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ITNP090 Object Oriented Software Design Spring 2017
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Object Oriented Software Design







Text Books

  • Learning UML 2.0, R Miles and K Hamilton, O Reilly, 2006. [Recommended]
    ISBN 0596009828

  • Software Engineering , Ian Sommerville, Pearsons. [Background]
    now at 9th Edition ISBN 0-13-705346-0 -- 7th Edition ISBN 0-321-210265

  • Using UML : Software Engineering With Objects and Components, Perdita Stevens with Rob Pooley. [Background]
    ISBN 0201648601

  • Any UML quick reference table at hand will be useful throughout the course. There are many available on the web.

  • Any book, lecture slides or teaching material can be used to refresh the main notions about object oriented programming, possibly Java OO-programming.


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