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ITNP070 - Networking and Webscripting Home Page


ITNP070 - Networking and Webscripting
20 SCQF Credits at Level 11

Module Co-ordinator
Marwan Fayed: Room 4B72,

Additional Lecturers
Dr Kevin Swingler: Room 4B97

Learning Outcomes

  • data communications principles
  • open communications architectures
  • Internet security approaches
  • detailed understanding of the construction and presentation of hypertext documents for the WWW
  • web scripting approaches
  • ability to create web pages with associated scripts
  • knowledge of common Internet applications, with an understanding of their operation in terms of the underlying communications mechanisms
  • display an ability to apply theory and techniques to unseen problems without reference to notes, to work independently, and under a time constraint

Transferable Skills

  • understanding of layered systems
  • understanding of Internet techniques and applications
  • understanding of Internet security threats and common encryption approaches
  • understanding and experience of hypertext
  • understanding and experience of scripts


Network Structures and Protocols (8 Lectures)
  • Data Communications and Networking Overview: communications, networking,
    information technology, standards, equipment
  • Architectural Principles: layering, services, protocols, layer-specific mechanisms
  • Communications Mechanisms: networking, data transmission
  • Application support: DNS (Domain Name System), email, POP (Post Office Protocol),
    & SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol),
    WWW and HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol).
  • Network Security issues and threats, Symmetric and public key information encryption

HTML and the World Wide Web - 8 Lectures

  • Introduction to the WWW, its history; hypertext file transfer
  • Hypertext Markup Language: Basic tags, inclusion of media elements, lists, tables, forms
  • Use of cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • HTML standards with reference to XML.

Web Scripting (8 Lectures)

  • PHP: general principles
  • PHP: data structures, conditions and loop constructs, built-in and user-defined functions
  • Client-side WWW scripting using JavaScript
  • Introduction to XML


  • laboratory check points (10%)
  • HTML and PHP Programming Test (30%)
  • Examination (60%)

Module requirements

In assessing a student's grade for the module, the Examiners require that a student must:

  • Submit all items of assessed work.
  • Non-submission of any single item of assessed coursework will result in the award of No Mark for the module as a whole.

    Assessed coursework submitted late will be accepted up to seven calendar days after the submission date (or expiry of any agreed extension) but the grade will be lowered by three marks per day or part thereof. After seven days the piece of work will be deemed a non- submission, and will be given a mark of 0 (zero), and the student will be deemed to have failed the module, due to failure to comply with published requirements. This rule (regarding coursework) may be relaxed for students who can show good cause for failure to submit. 'Good cause' may include illness (for which a medical certificate or other evidence will be required).

  • Attend the examination.
  • If a student is unable to attend the Main examination, he/she must apply to the Student Programmes Office for a Deferred examination. If a Deferred examination is not granted, then the Examiners may allow a Resit examination. A student who attends neither the main exam nor the Resit/Deferred exam will be awarded Fail for the module as a whole. The maximum mark for the module that can be awarded for a second attempt is the pass mark i.e. 40.



  • Computer Networking: A Top-down Approach, J.F. Kurose and K.W. Ross. Addison Wesley, 5th edition. 2009. (Highly recommended)
  • Computer Networks, A S Tanenbaum, Prentice-Hall, 5th edition. (recommended)


  • J. Niederst Robbins. Learning Web Design. O’ Reilly, 4th Edition. 2012, ISBN 9781449319274. (recommended)
  • J. Niederst. Web Design in a Nutshell. O’ Reilly, 3rd Edition. 2006, ISBN 0596009879. (recommended)
  • M. MacDonald. Creating a Web Site: The Missing Manual. O’ Reilly, 2011, ISBN 144939874-X. (recommended)


  • Programming PHP, R. Lerdorf and K. Tatroe, O'Reilly and Associates, 2013, 3rd edition. (recommended)
  • Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites, R. Nixon, O'Reilly and Associates, 2nd edition, 2012. (recommended)

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