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ITNP43 - Interface Design and the World Wide Web Text Books Autumn 2014









  • For the HTML part of the module, either of:
    • J. Niederst Robbins. Learning Web Design. O’ Reilly, 4th Edition. 2012, ISBN 9781449319274.
      (If you can afford only one book for this course, this is the one that we recommend, but note that there are some excellent online tutorials for this material.
      An older book is also fine (but uses XHTML): J. Niederst. Web Design in a Nutshell. O’ Reilly, 3rd Edition. 2006, ISBN 0596009879.)

    • M. MacDonald. Creating a Web Site: The Missing Manual. O’ Reilly, 2011, ISBN 144939874-X.

  • For the design part of the module, either of:
    • Y. Rogers, H. Sharp, and J. Preece. Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, Wiley, 2011 (3rd edition). ISBN 978-0-470-66576-3.

    • B. Shneiderman, C. Plaisant, M. Cohen, S. Jacobs. Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction, Pearson, 5th edition 2010 (earlier editions are acceptable alternatives), ISBN 978-0-321-60148-3.

Background Reading

  • D A Norman. The Design of Everyday Things. Basic Books. 2002, ISBN 0465067107.
    (A wonderful little book from which everyone can learn.)

  • S Krug. Don't Make Me Think: A common sense approach to web usability. New Riders, 2nd edition, 2006, ISBN 0-321-24475-8.
    (A very clear, humourous and thought-provoking book specifically on web design - although some of the highlighted issues also apply to interface design more generally.)

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