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ITNP001 Principles and Practice of Programming Autumn 2017
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Principles and Practice of Programming


Module details
Materials Locked - username and password required for off-campus access
Assessment Locked - username and password require for off-campus access


Teaching plan

Autumn Semester 2017 : Teaching Plan

Week Starting Lectures Tutorials Practicals
    Mon 16.00 2B129
(except 9 October: 4W3)
Thur 13.00 3V2 Fri 11.00 2B38 Thur 12.00
3X11 from 5 Oct
Tue 14.00 4B91
Fri 10.00 4B91
1 11 Sep Introduction Starting Java Second Java program - -
2 18 Sep Simple graphics Variables and calculations Methods I - BlueJ, Graphics
3 25 Sep Methods II Events I Events II Basics Graphics, Variables, Methods
4 2 Oct Decisions I Decisions II Repetition I Methods Event handling, decisions
5 9 Oct Repetition II
in 4W3
Testing and debugging I Testing and debugging II Decisions Loops, debugging
6 16 Oct Exceptions Objects and classes I Objects and classes II Loops Preparation work for class test
7 23 Oct Mid semester reading week
8 30 Oct Style Application architecture
and painting properly
Records Objects, classes Class test, objects and classes
9 6 Nov Arrays I Arrays II Arrays III Records and arrays Arrays
10 13 Nov Strings I String II Files I Strings Records and arrays
11 20 Nov Files II Advanced GUIs I Advanced GUIs II Files Work on assignment
12 27 Nov Advanced OO I Advanced OO II Revision Advanced GUIs

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Contact Details
Module coordinator    Email - Room 4B63 - Tel 01786 467434
Mail Computing Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences,
University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA