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ITNP001 Principles and Practice of Programming Autumn 2017
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Principles and Practice of Programming


Module details
Materials Locked - username and password required for off-campus access
Assessment Locked - username and password require for off-campus access




Dr Simon Jones, Room 4B63/4B121, ext 7434 Email: (Module Co-ordinator)


There are three one-hour lectures each week.

The first lecture is on Monday 11th September

Day TimePlace
except 9 October: 4W3


Each student will have two one-hour practicals per week.

Practicals will be monitored through checkpoints, worth 10% of the final module grade.

Practicals start in the week beginning 18th September.

Worksheets will be handed out at each practical.

Practicals will be held at the following times:

Day Time Lab
Tuesday 14.004B91
Friday 10.004B91


There is one one-hour tutorial each week.

Tutorials start in the week beginning 25th September.

Each tutorial will be a discussion of solutions to a problem sheet handed out the previous week. Students should attempt the problems before coming to the tutorial.

Tutorials will be held at the following time:

Day Time Room
Thursday 12.00 3X11 from 5 October


Attendance at tutorials and practicals will be recorded. If you are unable to attend a class, then please email the module organizer. The University has a policy of monitoring attendance, and repeated absence will be followed up in order to identify any problems at an early stage and to offer students appropriate support.


There will be two assessed exercises and an exam.

The first exercise will be a class test held during a normal lab session; this will test the student's understanding following an extended Java exercise.

The second assessment will be an individual coursework assignment involving writing an application in Java.

Assessment Due date
Class test Tuesday 31st October (lab session)
Assignment Monday 27th November
Exam During exam period

Note: Work which is submitted for assessment must be your own work. All students should note that the University has a formal policy on plagiarism. Plagiarism means presenting the work of others as though it were your own. The University takes a very serious view of plagiarism, and the penalties can be severe. Specific guidance on computing assignments may be found in the Postgraduate Student Handbook.

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Contact Details
Module coordinator    Email - Room 4B63 - Tel 01786 467434
Mail Computing Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences,
University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA