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CSCU9Z7 Honours Projects Autumn/Spring 2017-18
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Class of 2017-18
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Computing Science Seminar Report

For projects it is useful to learn how to summarise presentations and to see other people's presentation style. The prescribed classes for CSCU9Z7 therefore include attendance at Computing Science seminars, and writing a short report on them. This is not an onerous task since each student is obliged to attend and summarise just one seminar during the year.

Of course everyone is encouraged to attend other seminars too!

Students will be allocated in pairs to seminars as given in the online schedule (Warning not yet complete, pending finalisation of the seminar series). They must attend their designated seminar or agree a substitute with the Project Coordinator. Within one week of the seminar, the pair must jointly submit a short (one page) report on the seminar to . This should cover:

  • the key points of the seminar (e.g. the main claims or results)
  • the implications of the work (e.g. industrial or academic relevance, possible applications of the work, potential future developments)

The report can be informal, e.g. using bullet points rather than connected prose. It can be composed using email or with a word processor. If you need some idea of what to write, look at a sample seminar report; this is merely an example, not a model. The report is compulsory but is not assessed. The Project Coordinator will not normally comment on the report unless it is sub-standard.

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