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CSCU9Z7 Honours Projects Autumn/Spring 2017-18
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Class of 2017-18
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Digital submission: Project Repository and Turnitin

Project Repository

You are required to submit your main project results to the Division's digital project repository. This is for archival purposes so that your results are not lost, and can be used by your supervisor or by a follow-on project. You may also find the repository useful yourself if you need to obtain your project files in the future. Project files are archived at the end of each academic year.

Each student is allocated an individual folder on a Windows Shared Volume on the Division's network at \\\Project\xyz for depositing files at various points during the project (where xyz should be repalced by your CS user name. The documents described below should be saved in this folder using the exact file names where specified.


You are also required to submit your Interim Reports, and Final Report to Turnitin though the CSCU9Z7 module on Canvas.

You can submit draft reports as many times as you wish up to the deadline. Each time, you will be able to see an Originality Report - usually after a slight delay. Only the last version that you submit will be retained by the Turnitin system.

Your markers will have access to the final Originality Report.

The paper copies handed in, the Project Repository and the Turnitin versions should all be identical.

What to submit

Poster (November): Project Repository

poster.ppt (or .pptx)

You should email when you have submitted your poster.

Interim Report (October): Project Repository and Turnitin

Interim.doc (or .docx or .pdf)

Final Report (April): Project Repository and Turnitin

Final.doc (or .docx or .pdf)

Project Code (April): Project Repository

In a new folder, or as a single (or another common archive format), containing source code and any other files used by the project (e.g. binaries, JAR files, build files, specifications, datasets)

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