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CSCU9Z7 Honours Projects Autumn/Spring 2017-18
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Class of 2017-18
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Interim Poster and Poster Session

You are required to prepare and display a poster describing your project. The poster should describe your goals and what you have achieved so far. Training will be given during the Autumn on how to prepare posters (see Training seminars). Poster files will be collected digitally. The Division will arrange to print and display your posters. You are then required to attend a poster session where you will stand by your poster and answer questions about your project. The poster session will be visited by staff, usually by some of the Division's industrial collaborators (and potential employers!), and possibly by Third year Honours and Masters students. The Division retains and displays your poster after the session. The poster session is not assessed in itself, but is taken into account when the presentational aspects of your work are graded.


The Division staff will award a prize for the best poster, and often the industrial visitors award prizes (according to their own selection criteria).


Please consult the deadlines to see when the poster due and the date of the poster session.

You must use one of the following two poster templates for preparing your poster:

Your poster must be submitted digitally. The location to submit it to is given in the Digital submission instructions.

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