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CSCU9Z7 Honours Projects Autumn/Spring 2017-18
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Class of 2017-18
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The Honours project is a substantial, individual piece of work carried out by the student over a two semester period (Autumn/Spring), usually including preparatory work during the preceding Summer break. Although the project is often the systematic development of a software application, it could also be a technology comparison, or more innovative or experimental research work (possibly in collaboration with one of the Division's research teams). Projects are supervised by members of the Division's teaching staff. The project gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate and consolidate previously acquired skills and knowledge, increasing the grasp of these. It is also important for developing the ability to communicate ideas effectively. Planning and organisation of time is essential since the project is a large part of the final year.


Information and announcements relating to this module will appear here. Please bookmark this page and check here for recent developments.

  • Honours projects 2017-18: The time line for your cohort up to Christmas 2017 is now available on the left.
  • Honours projects 2017-18: There is an important meeting concerning your Honours projects on Wednesday 22 March 2017 at 11.00 in room 2B85. Everyone must attend.
  • You must complete an ethics approval form before beginning your project. See the project ethics page for details.

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