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CSCU9Z7 Honours Projects Autumn/Spring 2017-18
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Formatting and printing interim and final reports

Your reports must be clearly printed, double-sided, on plain A4 paper, with a margin of at least 2.5 cm on the left and right, on standard photocopier paper (80 gsm). Text should be printed with one and a half line spacing in 11 point Times New Roman or similar. The interim report and dissertation templates already contain appropriate settings.

You should submit the copies of the dissertation unbound; the Division will then have them bound in a uniform way.

You must not use the Division's laser printers for printing multiple copies of your dissertation - they are not resourced for such use, and are not fast/reliable enough.

You are strongly recommended instead to use one of the centrally managed student print stations located around the University. See the web page To do this you need to print to one of the named printer services, and for this you will need to be logged on with your main University username to a PC in a central lab. The centrally managed print stations can also print colour if you need it. You can easily send three copies for printing.

If you wish, you may print on high quality paper, but we do not require it.

Do NOT simply include bulky material such as program code in your dissertation. However, if the material is an essential part of the dissertation (e.g. a program illustrating an algorithm) and requires to be assessed, then make it an appendix of the dissertation and copy it along with the rest - ask your supervisor about this.

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