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CSCU9YD Technologies for eCommerce Autumn 2017
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Technologies for eCommerce


Module details
Materials Locked - username and password required for off-campus access
Assessment Locked - username and password require for off-campus access

Note: Java was originally a product of Sun Microsystems. Sun was acquired by the Oracle Corporation in 2010.

  Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, 2nd edition (Marty Hall & Larry Brown) - free, on-line, PDF version of the book, and other useful resources
  HTML tutorial at W3Schools
  HTML tag reference - this is old, but the basic facts are still valid, and the information is very accessible!
  W3C HTML 4.01 reference
  W3C HTML validation service
  Friendly introduction to cookies
  Cookies on Wikipedia
  Cookie specification
  SQL tutorial at W3Schools
  Links to various SQL tutorials at Intuit
  XML Syntax Quick Reference Card
  XSLT Quick Reference Card
  General JDBC documentation at Oracle (local copy)
  Oracle java.sql.* package details (JDBC classes) (local copy)
  Oracle JDBC tutorial (local copy)
  Oracle's main Java servlet technology web site
  Oracle Servlet Technology Specification (2.4) (local copy) (includes schema for 2.4 web.xml deployment descriptor, and also DTD for version 2.3 that may be easier to read!)
  Java servlet 2.4 API documentation at Apache (the version at Oracle is merged with the full Java libraries) (local copy)
  Oracle servlets 2.4 tutorial (embedded in J2EE 1.4 tutorial)
  Related information: ColdFusion, Active Server Pages, Perl, PHP, List of servlet containers, the Apache Tomcat project

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Post Computing Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences,
University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, FK9 4LA